Offering a variety of configurations including Fixed Based Trainers (FBT), Dual Seat Training Devices (DSTD), and Single Seat Training Devices (SSTD), our product lines include support for the latest in glass cockpit commercial airliners. We currently support all major airliner types as well as custom configurations for development/educational purposes.

Real Solutions

Flightdeck Solutions offers not only top-of-the-line hardware, but accessories and interface systems as well. We are proud to offer a complete solution for all your aviation training needs.

Our customers - including Boeing, EADS, Honeywell, FAA, etc, - trust and rely on us to deliver complete and accurate flight simulation solutions. From single seat setups to complete Fixed Based Trainers, Flightdeck Solutions provides end-to-end solutions for your flight simulation project.

Professional Background/Experience

Our roots are based in the enthusiast/semi professional markets, however, our aviation industry expertise came from invaluable experience gained by our company founder while working and training at Atlantis Systems International in Brampton, Canada. This included ISO operational practices and working directly with Airlines, FAA, Military, etc, enabling a full understanding of this industry and its high level requirements.

Recent Achievements include:

  • Worked closely with TU Dresden, Faculty of Transportation and Traffic Sciences, to deliver an A320-FBPT which was combined with an ECA FAROS FMS Trainer to create a higher fidelity device
  • Boeing P8A "Poseidon" Marketing Initiative - cockpit and unique functionality design
  • B767-400 Flightdeck For the Boeing "Heavy Lift" Marketing Group - developed a High Level Replica
  • Supplied Boeing with a “flyable” KC-46 Cockpit Demonstrator currently in use across the US in a Marketing Trailer
  • B787 "Dreamliner" Dual Seat Trainers for Boeing Flightdeck Development Group - multiple units
  • B787 Marketing Initiatives for worldwide Aerospace Events - developed with Boeing's "Digital Design Group"
  • B737 DSTD for Avionic Upgrade Demonstrations for Boeing, Wichita
  • A320 Fixed Based Trainers to Flight Schools/Development Centers - multiple units
  • B737 FBPT to Boeing Research and Technology Division in Australia  )
  • Boeing Seattle Custom Device for Laboratory use – B707 Based Platform (Upgrade Program)
  • CAE (Quebec, Canada) added to our roster of Aerospace Customers in 2012
  • Multiple Devices to iPILOT for commercial use in their facilities
  • EADS/Rostock, Germany for a Cabin Crew Trainer - Flightdeck Replica Parts
  • B747-8 "Intercontinental" Flightdeck Development Group - supplied High Fidelity Replica parts
  • Honeywell PnP Devices for Flightdeck Research Initiatives
  • Discovery Channel "MAYDAY" Series - supplied various replica cockpit components
  • Universal Films "UNITED 93" - supplied various replica cockpit components
  • Royal Court of Bahrain - High Fidelity B747-400 Fixed Based Trainer

Talk to us about your requirements, whether  they are Professional Training, Lab/Educational or Enthusiast use, we likely have the perfect product to suit your needs.

Whatever your requirement, you can rely on FDS to deliver on-time and on-budget.