• FDS has been building high-fidelity flight simulation parts and devices for over a decade. We understand - better than anyone - that in choosing Flightdeck Solutions you are looking for the highest possible fidelity and realism.


FDS has everything you need...

Sections & Components

Whether you are looking for fully plug and play devices or one of our ‘DIY’ packages, FDS supplies a vast range of components for your very own flight simulator. Select any of the following images for details on our highest quality and affordable product, divided by aircraft type.

Interface IT

Interfacing your simulator components does not have to be complex and full of programming... The FDS SYS Boards and interfaceIT software make interfacing a snap. Simple approaches for everyday people and our high tech friends. FDS Interfacing... Interfacing made easy.

Built to perform

We engineer and manufacture all of our devices to withstand the heavy use (and abuse) our products are subjected to. Every component we produce is designed, engineered and manufactured from the ground up with tight tolerances and a high attention to detail to ensure your project meets the highest standard. Flightdeck Solutions is a manufacturer, not an integrator that buys parts from numerous other companies. Every device we ship was purpose designed. All parts fit and work together as you would only expect them to.

No requirement is too large or too small

FDS can supply complete fixed base training devices (FBPTs), sections of devices, or individual mechanical elements to integrate into your project. Many of our customers aren't looking for full trainers, but components - like thrust levers, side sticks and rudder pedals for their own simulation devices.

Whatever your requirement, you can rely on FDS to deliver on-time and on-budget.