Sim-Avionics is a professional quality avionics add-on suite for your flight simulator. Scalable and flexible, Sim-A may be used in various single or networked computer configurations.

Features Include:
  • Aircraft specific realistic looking displays via OpenGL
  • Smooth, Fluid Graphics
  • Built in TCAS, Terrain, Terrain Look Ahead and WXR Radar
  • Fully Functional Autopilot
  • Extensively and Accurately modelled Flight Management Computer
  • Fully Integrated FMC for complete LNAV and VNAV automation
  • CDU - Custom Simulator Control Pages for convenient control over many sim functions
  • Accurately modelled aircraft system logic
  • Multi Zone compatible sound generation for realistic flightdeck environments
  • Web-based Instructor Station for basic sim control - Ideal for use on an iPad or similar Tablet.
  • MCP and Overhead Graphical User Interfaces
  • Scenario Snapshots
  • Easy Hardware Interfacing with all FDS Hardware
  • Compatible with FSX and P3D. (P3D Recommended)

Additional B737MAX Specific Features Include:
  • New Larger Screen - Common Display System
  • Integrated Vertical Situation Display
  • LEAP Engine Start Sequence

Additional hardware compatibility with:
  • CPFlight MCP Pro + EFIS + MIP + RADIOS.
  • OpenCockpits via the popular FSUIPC interface for FSX/P3D 
  • Flight Illusion Gauges / Pololu Servo Controller / Phidgets Servo Controller

System Requirements
  • All Sim-Avionics programs are Windows based..
  • CPU:    i7 recommended. (i5 minimum)
  • GFX:    NVidia graphics cards recommended - OpengGL compatible. (GT710 or higher).
  • RAM:   8GB Recommended. (4GB minimum)
  • FSUIPC and WIDEFS - Registered
 (Please download and run the demo on your system before purchasing to ensure full compatibility)

Although Sim-Avionics’ quality is of a professional level, this software license is for ENTHUSIAST use only and should not be used for revenue generating purposes.
Download the Latest Sim-Avionics Demo: Download Demo
Download the Information Pack for specifications and screenshots: Information Pack

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