FDS A320 device awarded EASA certification

Flightdeck Solutions has been granted FNPT2/MCC certification by EASA (European Aviation Authority) for the company’s A320 device early February 2020.  The client, Svensk Pilotutbildning AB, Sweden, is thrilled to now have the ability to prepare cadets at a very high level in a true airliner environment as they focus on their Multi Crew Certification (MCC/MPL) Program.

The EASA Certification couldn’t come at a better time.  Current global pilot shortages mean that programs like the MCC/MPL are critical to the development of highly qualified cadets.  This development and subsequent transition to real airliners is dramatically sped up when using training devices that offer a realistic, spatially correct training environment, something that Flightdeck Solutions has been perfecting for the last two decades.

For flight schools, universities, colleges, and airlines this FNPT2/MCC certification opens the door to a truly affordable, certified, fully tactile device that can easily take their training programs to a higher standard.