Number of inputs requierd (OH panel)

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Bjørn A Kleppe
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Number of inputs requierd (OH panel)

Post by Bjørn A Kleppe »

:?: :?: Hello. can anyone please tell me the number of inputs that is needed for the 737NG overhead panel to work with PM system. ( I might need one more interface cards from FDS). Regards Bjørn

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Post by pcos »

This is a very open ended question Bjorne.
I would like to answer this by saying that there are levels of functionality that need to looked at.
1. Primary Functions
2. Secondary Functions
3. No Simulation/.Training Value.

If you examine each panel in ANY aircraft you can ask alot of questions.
What is needed? What would I ACTUALLY use? How would I use it?
I have an Excel sheet that I did up that covers alot of this.
I split off the important and non important items and it allows you to asses what you feel is the right size interface.
It also allows you to think in steps. you might find that one card is a good start and you identify what you want to interface that is important at this stage of your dvelopment. From there you can add more cards and functions..
Secondary FUNCTIONS, Window Heat, Cabin Pressure
No Sim Value: LAV LIGHTS, Climate Controls

I would be studying this Overhead in your case and answering this by logically assesing the panels and the items.
If oyu do not have Bill Bulfers's B737NG resource book now is the time to buy it.
ANYONE that is building a sim and does not have one decent book that covers the aircraft and its systems.... I would be shocked..
B737NG .. See the Bill Bulfer Books. Incredible.
B767/B757 you can Use Mike Ray's books.. etc.
Smallest investment you will make and like the biggest value.

the most important thing in all of this is to focus on what is important. Way too many guys our here are getting far too carried away "planning" and creating al sort of Lofty goals... Nail down the Primary Functions you need for your sim.. You'll find that theh secondary and No value items are not likely that big of a deal until far later in all of this process you are involved in.
My bet anyway. Remember. We are building Simulators.. Trainers. NOT real aircraft . I think that gets lost sometimes and it sets goals for people that are unattainable and therefore frustrating and in some cases turns of people that would like to build a sim..
Most of the folks I know that have excellent projects are VERY realistic in this area and the results speak for themselves.. They are flying and still tweaking their setups along the way..

Ivar Hestnes
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Post by Ivar Hestnes »

Bill Bulfer`s 737ng book has become my bible. Every function is described and I learn alot from that book.

Higly recommended.


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Post by melnato »


I have a Flight Crew Operations Manual AND a 737Quick Reference Handbook
for a European airline (I better not mention name). Would there be anything in Bill Bulfers book that aren't already covered?



Bjørn A Kleppe
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Post by Bjørn A Kleppe »

Tanks for good info PC. Ill give Ivar a call one day. (going to work at tuesday and Ill be home agian 7th of Mars,hopefully my computer with my e-mail will be repaired by then). I asume it is time to purcase the book you recomend. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D Best regards Bjørn

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Post by edswafford »


Can you you make your Excel spreadsheet available? I think a lot of us who have not started wiring our OH would find it a good starting point.


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Post by vidarf »

Bjørn, just give me a call or send me an email. I've planned my overhead for a LONG time now, and have some ideas that will make your OH panel look _very_ decent and real - without taking it too far. (lav light kind of thingy's).

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Books for RJ's

Post by Tex145 »

And what book do we use......?

Jon :?

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