Monitor Set-Up

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Monitor Set-Up

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Move the main window onto the monitor first.

To do that press B to toggle the window Borders on.
Then use the mouse to move the window on to the correct monitor. Use the mouse to resize teh border if necessary.
Then press B to toggle the window borders off.

You can then use A to toggle Adjust mode, the arrow keys to move and num pad +\- to resize the display.

Press A again to exit Adjust mode.

Press S to Save the position.

Press Enter or click on OK

ESC will close the program.

It should now restart the display, it will be saved in the new position.

Note: It is recommended you run each display as a separate display (IE PFD and ND as separate) The EICAS screen will work with the 3 displays. (EICAS, ISFD and RMI)
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