PAL/NTSC compatibility

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PAL/NTSC compatibility

Post by savietti »

Can someone suggest a good video card for my computer that runs the CDU, which is PAL/NTSC compatible?

The stores here in the uk are not able to advise me.

M Cumming

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Post by melnato »


I have always used NVidia based cards...FX5600,5200,MX400.

Any modern 'cheap' card will work. Just make sure its got Video Out of course :wink:


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Post by vidarf »

I would guess any video card that supports TV out should be just fine?

Personally, I've got the best results with ATI cards. You do certainly not need a high-end card - check out web shops and see if they have any DEMO sales. I would recommend you to try out
They should be able to help you out.

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Post by Garys »

Gigabyte radeon 9250. Uses composite tv out so need need for svideo to rca adapter. Combined with a monster cable the results are excellent.


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