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Brent sent these along and thought we should post for those that are curious on some of the design spec of our boards.
Thanks Brent!

FDS-SYS Board common questions:

Q) How many mA can I draw from each output?
A) Each output is designed to run a 20mA LED

Q) What is the output voltage for the board?
A) The FDS-SYS boards run completely off the 5v USB line. Each output is 2.2 – 2.5 volts.

Newest SYS1,3 and 4 cards come with 12V 2.0 power supplies

Q) Does it matter if I run the FDS-SYS boards via a powered USB hub vs. running directly off the motherboard?
A) The FDS-SYS boards run fine off of powered USB hubs.

Q) Can the FDS-SYS boards run on a non-powered USB hub?
A) No the FDS-SYS boards are high power USB devices and require to be run off of a powered hub (vs. a non powered hub).

Q) Does total number of LED’s on a FDS-SYS board matter since it is running on the USB power?
A) The FDS-SYS boards LED’s are in a matrix, so there is only a limited number of LED’s on at any given time, which reduces the power requirements.

Q) Do I require any resistors for the LED’s on the FDS-SYS boards?
A) No resistors are required when connecting LED’s to the FDS-SYS boards; however it is possible to utilize resistors to reduce the brightness of specific LED’s.

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