Sys 3 question - basic output question

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Sys 3 question - basic output question

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1. For MIP - On the sys3 board's outputs: if I am going to connect up a led or annunicator will I need to add resistors or other electrical components or simply connect the leds/ annuciators directly to the wires that I see are shipped with the board?

2. If I am not using PM (which I am not planning to) will the annunicators on the MIP be controllable through the FSUIPC configurations or will I have some that I can't control?



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Here's an excerpt form SYS FAQ a couple of posts above 8)


FDS-SYS Board common questions:

Q) How many mA can I draw from each output?
A) Each output is designed to run a 20mA LED

Q) What is the output voltage for the board?
A) The FDS-SYS boards run completely off the 5v USB line. Each output is 2.2 – 2.5 volts.

Q) Does it matter if I run the FDS-SYS boards via a powered USB hub vs. running directly off the motherboard?
A) The FDS-SYS boards run fine off of powered USB hubs.

Q) Can the FDS-SYS boards run on a non-powered USB hub?
A) No the FDS-SYS boards are high power USB devices and require to be run off of a powered hub (vs. a non powered hub).

Q) Does total number of LED’s on a FDS-SYS board matter since it is running on the USB power?
A) The FDS-SYS boards LED’s are in a matrix, so there is only a limited number of LED’s on at any given time, which reduces the power requirements.

Q) Do I require any resistors for the LED’s on the FDS-SYS boards?
A) No resistors are required when connecting LED’s to the FDS-SYS boards; however it is possible to utilize resistors to reduce the brightness of specific LED’s.


Yes you will get most of the Main panel to work without PM Systems, except for Glare Wing Warning/Caution



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Thanks for the info on ques # 2 on ques # 1 I guess I did see that in the FAQ but it didn't register in my brain! There is a lot to learn.

Thanks again.


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I hook up the leds right the the cards but if you look in the forums you can use a resistor to change the brightness great for the overhead ones!


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