Today is my Birthday :)

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Today is my Birthday :)

Post by maytham »

Hi Guys,

Today is my Birthday. Iam 19 years old now. My wish last night was to complete my A340 flight deck as well as to get the acceptance to become a pilot.

Tim my friend; I've changed my major from Engineering to a Pilot. I feel like my dream will become true :lol:

Thanks all of you for helping me when I stopped here to ask specially Peter, Tim, Frans and the other FDS guys.

I wish you all the best and I hope in my 19 years old to develop my project more and more...


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Post by mauriceb »

19 years old !!!! Just think what flight simulation will be like when you get to my age (62) :roll: . I'll never see that, but it would be really nice to have a preview of the forum discussions at that time. I wonder if the questions will be something like this:

Hey guys, I was just taking off in my virtual flight deck when a virtual geese hit the virtual windshield & obstructed my view with all that virtual blood. The virtual washers just spread the virtual mess and I had to declare a virtual emergency.

The real flight attendant (my wife) freaked out & bailed out with her virtual parachute while I could hear the screaming virtual passengers in the back. My virtual female first officer got off my lap & suddenly became religious & prayed to all known deities wishing one of them would be the right one to pray to.

The virtual landing was not pretty. I blew a couple of virtual tires and some of the virtual debris damaged my virtual rudder. So, here is my question. Does FDS supply replacement virtual tires & rudders? I would also like to know if this is going to affect my virtual air-worthiness certificate. I was planning a virtual Hawaiian vacation and I'd hate to have to fly with one of these real airlines.

Have a happy birthday by the way :D


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For Sure

Post by pcos »

Tires I have.. $1,299.95usd each.. not V-USD either..
Make sure you fill them with regular air ok? (snicker snicker......)

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Post by maytham »

Just to add peter on your replied

In the A340-300
Main Landing gear: 191 PSI
nose landing gear: 168PSI
CTR Landing gear: 158PSI

Main: 206 PSI
Nose: 184 PSI

Main: 209PSI
Nose: 178 PSI


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Post by warvet »

My Friend EID MILAAD SAEED!HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONGRATS Im very happy for you Maytham I know youll make a great pilot my friend. Let me know when you make it and Ill come fly with you someday. Take care and enjoy your Birthday! All the best My friend.

@ Maurice Im virtually laughing my @SS Off! You are one crazy Virtual Pilot My Friend.


Ivar Hestnes
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Post by Ivar Hestnes »

Congrats Maytham :)

And talking about all this virtual stuff. My wife is also virtual :lol:

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