Interface IT/PM Systems help

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Interface IT/PM Systems help

Post by gpratt »

Having some problems with the setup.....

I am starting to wire in my overhead panel swithces to the SYS1 board. Have wired up a few toggle switches. (landing lights, strobes etc.)
Have the SYS1 Board connected to PMSystems. PMSystems is connected to FS2004 through WideFS.

When PMSystems is in development mode I can see the bit changing status in the InterfaceIT status bar as I toggle switches off and on. So there is a good connection between the physical switches the sysboard and PM Systems.

But I am getting an itermitent response from the PM Graphical User Interface. Sometimes it responds sometimes it doesn't. The same with the actual actions in FS. Sometimes the action is carried out sometimes it isn't.

Has anybody experienced this before?

Another question. When programming the Inputs and Outputs in InterfaceIT do I have to add actions to change PMSystems and and a different set of actions to directly change FSUIPC, or do I just add code to change PM Systems and then that will talk to FSUIPC.

Any help much appreciated

Gary Pratt

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