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Post by mauriceb »

warvet wrote:No Ill have Fwd L and Left Front Fwd R and R just figuring it all out with Mirrors. my tests have looked pretty good so far but still trying ideas.

I'll take your two 42" LCD screens off your hand. You'll need to free the space and I'll sacrifice myself and help save the planet, so I'll 'recycle' them for you (if you pay for the shipping of course). :D


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Post by maytham »

Wow tim. it's really looking great finally I saw it. your a340 is very amazing. one day mine will be completed and I will post it. but tim I believe that u said to me you would send a pic of your sim to my email. like I would be the first guy to see it.

see ya soon.

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Post by rhys »

Top work Tim, Your sim is up there with the worlds best!! :D

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Post by warvet »

Thanks Rhys :),
well you'll be flying it very soon :) See ya online mate in a short bit.

your friend


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