Question on Overhead panel and tie in to FS2004

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Question on Overhead panel and tie in to FS2004

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The hardware part I understand, but how do you tie it in to Fs2004? I currently fly the PMDG with its own graphical Overhead Panel.....Does this become the interface ?

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I recommend you ask this in the interface forum.

Ivar Hestnes
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To make the hardware-overhead work with FS2004 you need project magenta software and registered version of FSUIPC.

PM and FSUIPC communicates with the default 737. But there is a mod available so you can use the default 737 with PMDG flight model.

If you want to use complete PMDG with hardware it is not so easy. There is a program called key2mouse which can be used, but it has some limitations. Recommend magenta software. Which is awesome :)

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Interface and Software

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Any software package that you want to "interface" needs to have an "open door" in terms if communication.
you need to be able to "TELL" the software what to do and you need to be able to "LISTEN" to what the software is doing.
Key Commands/Key2Mouse are part of the telling (in a rudimentary way when more "direct" approaches are not available) but there is a big shortage on the "LISTEN" part.
With no clear code or communication open you are NOT able to get updated by the software.
SWitches may be simple enough to get functional but Annunciators would be non-functional.
PMDG, as great as it is in Desktop setups would need to have a full "SDK"
in order to create the required elements.
PMDG does not have this as an "open" platform. It would require some discussion with them by a vendor like Flightdeck Solutions or similar vendors to createa plan. PMDG would be free to charge as they wish for a DLL or EXE file to activate/license.
On the other side of the fence is Level-D. Here is a "Desktop" software package with an available SDK. You can work with that SDK to create functionality. Do a Google Search on NICO KAAN. You will find a great deal of info.
As jammed as we are in production I am working on B767 elements and will slowly bring out what we can. MIP/MAIN/MCP are the first items.

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