Paul Moore (B737NG) Nose Sectional - Flight Control Update

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Paul Moore (B737NG) Nose Sectional - Flight Control Update

Post by pcos »

Paul is well on his way with his Trainer set up and sent in some shots to share with everyone. Paul started with the Nose Sectional and built his own platform with provision for his PFC based Yokes and Rudder Pedals. His Dual Seater and other sections are in production and will be added as they arrive. Super clean work here and very inspirational. Thanks Paul!
More Pics Here:

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Angus Wighton
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Paul, don't forget to enjoy FLYING your sim ....

Post by Angus Wighton »

WOW ... your Sim setup looks great already Paul! As Peter says, very clean ... looking forward to some update pictures when your Dual Seat Training Device is installed.

I have to say Paul that yours is the first sim I've seen with the same PFC "Jetliner" Rudder Pedals that I installed in mine ... the majority of home-builts seem to prefer the smaller "Cessna-like" pedals. Not only do the "Jetliner" version look more realistic, especially when combined with their Yokes as you have, but they've worked exceptionally well for me ... never had a problem in all the years. As a pilot myself I can tell you that they feel very realistic under your feet .... their sheer size makes you feel that you have a big aircraft under you! The yokes are well known for their quality, and again as a pilot I can assure you that they make your sim fly like the real aircraft in your hands ... a friend of mine is a B737 Captain for Southwest and marvelled at how smooth they were when he flew my sim .... he especially liked the stab trim (which works very well with FSUIPC).

Wait until Peter's FDS products start rolling into your basement Paul, your project will really start coming alive ..... enjoy every minute of the journey but don't forget to enjoy flying your sim.

As soon as you can get your sim flying - do so! Don't sweat the small details, the switches you want to see working, the lights to install, the interior trim to create, the throttles to connect ..... all in good time Paul!

As soon as you can get those PC's connected, start flying! No throttles? "F4" for max power and go fly! As long as you have a keyboard within reach then you've got brakes, throttles, lights, start switches ... the actual cockpit features you will eventually connect correctly, but until then just go fly! Have fun! That's what its all about .....

Flying your sim whenever you can will give you all the encouragement you'll need on those days we've all had when nothing goes right! Flying will also give you a sense of how to complete your cockpit, letting you know what's important to YOU to make the "feel" of your cockpit match the sense of realism you get from flying it. After hours, months, & years of building ..... getting to fly somewhere at the end of the day in your sim makes every hour spent in construction all the more satisfying.

It won't be long now Paul before your project will by "flying" .... enjoy ..... is that the door bell? FDS shipment perhaps?

Paul M
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Post by Paul M »

Hi Angus,

Thanks for the advice on setting priorities regarding “sim building”. It is true that one can get caught in the many details of a flight deck. Actually it has happened a number of times already, but to add to that, there are the inevitable “ I should of ‘s” or the “I wish I did’s”. It is my intention though to thoroughly enjoy flying this puppy but the reminders are really appreciated.

I really gave some thought to my choice of controls, as you know there are some high priced choices out there, but since it is the panels that are really be the focus, I opted for PFC controls. When you think about that company is in the business of building commercial FBT’s (good ones) which get a lot of use, so I figured they will be tough enough for the use I will give them. They also offer a B737 replica ( looks fantastic) yoke but I was in the cost control mode at that time. I too think they look good and feel good and can’t wait to use them.

Pete assured me yesterday that my MIP is being built and is mostly complete. Now last night I awoke to the sound of my doorbell, “when what to my wondering eyes should appear”, TOTAL DARKNESS Oh well maybe next time :cry:

I will be E-mailing you shortly

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Post by DaveA330 »


Looks great. I should take a lesson from you on how to keep everything so clean. Look forward to seeing your project progress.

(Airbus project)

Paul M
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Post by Paul M »

Hi Dave,

Well lets see how clean it is when I connect the network, the external visuals and the power supplies. I am sure it will look like a spagetti mess when I am done.

Based on your experiance with projectors as we talked about at the open house, I have 18" in front ,18" on the right and a little more on the left ane 86" high, do you think a projection system would work? Is there enough room?

Anyway it was great to meet you.


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Post by warvet »

Angus Lmao :) :) :) :twisted:
After reading your disertation to Paul I was begining to wonder if your the new Poster boy for FDS and their new public relations Officer LOL if not you should be :) Nice layout Paul definitely looks pro and FDS is certainly known for their Pro stuff thats for sure :) ;) Anyway enjoy the adventure :) looks like your on the right track.


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