FC1 and AST axis offsets!

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FC1 and AST axis offsets!

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I posted this also on AST forum following this discussion http://www.airsimtech.com/forum/forum_p ... D=286&PN=1
After asking for support from dev team and still nothing i struggled myself thinking how i would have solved the probem...

I only tell you that for writing this simple piece of code thanks to FSUIPC and LUA programming i had to learn myself some coding, also P.Dowson is away until 30 june so i can't ask to him even worse?!

Now the good thing i still ask myself how many AST customers managed this?! 'cause the flap logic don't work correct if you use standard offset...

Neither i have FScommunicator or simlar will the FBW module released for us advanced cockpit builder?

Now you have to copy the text below to a file called ipcReady.lua and put it in the modules folder of FS, next you have to assign the required axis to fsuipc direct mixture4 and calibrate it, now you will see the values in the Flaps lever hardware in AST server assign the values for gates and you are done!


Paste the code below:

Code: Select all

--Lua Script done by Davide C. for AST Flap control to offset 4898

function lever(controlnum,param) --called by mixture4 axis
ipc.writeSW(0x4898, param) --Write the axis to AST offset 4898 for flap

event.control(65922, 256, "lever") --monitor control axis mixture4
Frans,Steve,Peter how do you use those FC1 with AST?

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