Paul Moore (B737NG) USA

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Paul Moore (B737NG) USA

Post by pcos »

Paul sent in some shots of his setup after the new FDS B737NG Liners were installed.
Quite a few new parts and pieces now in place and the start of the Visual setup well under way.
Many thanks Paul!

Link here for updated pics:

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Angus Wighton
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Post by Angus Wighton »

Wow Paul!! I had been wondering how your sim was coming along ever since we last chatted at the FDS Open House .... I would checked here from time time, but there were still the original photos of your B737 shell. Then tonight I came across your new photo's and I guess I've found my answer ..... very impressive my friend .... what fun you must be having with it now!!

Paul M
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Post by Paul M »

Hey Angus,

Good to here from you as well. Thanks for all the advice you gave me at the FDS open house. I ran with your recommendation for combining FS Genesis + Ultimate terrain + Birds eye view. WOW, what a difference that made!

I have been enjoying getting the Sim going, as it has been quite a learning curve. That is the beauty of the FDS team and the rest of the support I received on the forum, could not have done it without all the help. With the much help from Steve I just brought the
Elec- Cab-sys on-line, what a nice addition that is. However I have to agree with P.C. flying is the best part.

Thanks for your kind words and its always good to here from you.

Paul M

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