APU EGT Offset

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APU EGT Offset

Post by FirstinFlight »

I am not using a gauge for the APU EGT on my 737 sim. I dont plan on putting in one in the near future and was planning on using an annunciator to indicate EGT stabilization instead of a gauge.

Does anyone know if there is an OFFSET that i can read for APU EGT and light up an annunciator based on a range?


Ivar Hestnes
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Post by Ivar Hestnes »

Open PMsystems screen, and move your pointer so it is over the EGT indicator. Then you should see the offset there.

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Post by MScotti »

When I put my pointer over the PM Systems EGT gauge, it's blank. Did you ever find what you were looking for?

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Post by pcos »

You have to activate that feature I believe. Developer mode or something, it's been awhile.
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Post by jackpilot »

There is an easy/low cost way to use a real gauge for that.
Check my answer to that post:
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Post by Jetcos »

To connect hardware via offsets if you are building your own overhead panel or for any other reason you need to see which variable does what and which offset it is connected to, you can do the following:

Press [Esc] for the Menu
Enable “Development Mode�
Enable “Show Variable Names�
Then press [Esc] to close the Menu again

Move the mouse over the switch you want to check and you will see the variable name, the offset, the offset type and its value in a floating status bar.

When you hover over a multiple switch, like for instance in the Airbus or the Boeing 747, it may show the upper value, the lower one as well as the input value (optional).

If you click on the switch, you should see the value of that variable change.

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