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Sim-Avionics FAQ - Set Up Related

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 14, 2011 9:41 am    Post subject: Sim-Avionics FAQ - Set Up Related Reply with quote

How do I run the Demo ?
Download the latest Avionics Installer from www.sim-avionics.com
Run FlightSim
Run Avionics.exe
Run Server.exe - Select Demo Mode
Select the correct aircraft config file from the Server menu > Aircraft Specific > Load Aircraft
Press QuickStart. This will position your aircraft at EGCC.
This is a 20 minute demo and you are limited to an area around EGCC, up to 10,000ft.
You can restart the applications after 20 mins.

If you fly out of the Demo area the Avionics will stop working. They will start once you fly back into the demo area.

Setting Graphics Quality
The Avionics start by default without Anti Aliasing enabled.
If your lines and fonts look jagged and blocky you can enable Anti Aliasing by editing:

// Select a value 0, 2, 4, 8, 16

Some newer GFX card automatically enable this function.

How many computers do I require ?
The avionics software can be split and run on any number of computers, from a single pc with multiple graphics cards, to multiple networked computers.
The avionics software is optimised for performance, but producing smooth fluid graphics requires computer power, so to use a single pc setup it will have to be a mid-high spec pc. For low-mid spec pc's you should consider splitting the applications across multiple computers.

How do I unlock the software ?
A software licence can be purchased at via Flightdeck solutions.
Contact Peter Cos - pcos@flightdecksolutions.com
Once your purchase has been confirmed you can send your unique Computer ID to. register@sim-avionics.com
An application key will then be emailed to you that will unlock your Server application.

What if I want to run the Server application on a different computer ?
Only the Server application requires activation, but if you need to run the Server on a different computer due to hardware failure or upgrade then you will need to email your new Computer ID to support@sim-avionics.com with a brief reason for the new key request.
No limits are placed on the number of times that you can request a key for legitimate reasons, but for our software security we reserve the right to refuse multiple key requests.

Why does my Server sometimes issue an "Invalid Key" message on startup ?
The Computer ID is generated using various methods. These include Hard-drive and Network adaptor details.
Therefore a new application key may be required if you :
Copy the Server application to a different a hard-drive
Change the hard-drive
Change Network Adaptors
Switch to a wireless network
Unplug or switch off your network router
Reinstall Windows

Static versus Dynamic IP addresses
On your local flight sim computer network we would recommend that you assign static IP addresses to each computer.
The Server computer in particular requires a static IP so that the clients can always connect to it.

Anti-Virus and Firewalls

Both Anti-Virus software and Firewalls can make it difficult for the avionics to connect to the Server application. Therefore only run them if you feel they are really necessary on your system.
If you are running a firewall it may ask you when the Server is first run if the program should be blocked. You should not block Server access.
The Server uses ports 688 thru 707 to communicate and these ports should be opened.

Do the programs need to be started in a particular order ?
No, you can start them in any order.
But we would recommend that FlightSim is started first.

Do I require FSUIPC and WideClient ?
A registered version of FSUIPC is required to be installed on the Flightsim PC.

The Server Application handles all of the interfacing between Sim-A and Flightsim and therefore requires a connection to Flightsim.
If the Server is being run on a seperate PC to Flightsim (recommended), then WideServer will need to be Registered on the Flightsim PC and WideClient will need to be running on the Server PC.

How can I run a Captain PFD and FO PFD on the same computer ?
If you have a Dual Seat licence then there are no limits to the number of avionics clients that can be run.
Make a copy of the \Avionics folder and name it \CAPT_PFD
Make a copy of the \Avionics folder and name it \FO_PFD
You should then edit the \FO_PFD\CONFIG.INI and set the application mode to "FO"
Bith Avionics.exe's can be run and their positions saved individually.
The Displays go Blank after starting the Server
It is normal for the display to blank after starting the Server. This is because all of the aircraft systems are powered down.
You can check for a basic connection by doing the following:
• Set the TCP_Clients to TCP Mode
• Set the Server to TCP Mode
• Ensure "Process Switch Update on Offset Change Only" is Enabled (This will allow the Quickstart button to overide any I/O setup)
• Press Quick Start
After a few seconds the Displays should come on.

If this doesn't work then check that the \Sysyem32\AVIONICS_IPC.dll is the latest version and matches the Server version.
Check that the TCP_Client.exe is running. (This should usually be started automatically by any of the Client applications)
Pressing QuickStart should enable the Displays.
Cold and Dark should turn them off.
Peter Cos
Flightdeck Solutions (FDS)
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