FDS CDU and InterfaceIT Conflict

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FDS CDU and InterfaceIT Conflict

Post by Fred »

I have my FDS CDU and InterfaceIT software for my overhead running on the same computer. This computer also runs my EICAS and MFD on separate monitors. So there are three monitors conected to this computer including the CDU display. I am running SIM-A so all should be compatable.

The issue is that the CDU display crashes when the InterfaceIT software is started. Note that it is the CDU display that goes blank, but the CDU software still runs (the SimA CDU tray icon is still active and I can reposition the CDU window onto the other monitors).

Seems to me like some kind of port conflict issue. As a fix I can easily isolate the InterfaceIT software onto a separate compute. But I'm just curious as to what the issue is.


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Post by DaveC »

I also have EXACTLY the same issue. I just start Interface IT before starting the CDU, but I would like to hear if there is a solution.

Dave C.

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Post by pcos »

Spoke to Brent and he tells me there is a new version of the software to be uploaded once he sorts an issue. He has one pesky issue that poppd up on a few trials and he wants to nail that down.
His feeling is this will resolve the issue discussed here.
Peter Cos
Flightdeck Solutions (FDS)

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