Sys Boards with FSX issue (Resolved)

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Sys Boards with FSX issue (Resolved)

Post by tugo31 »

Hi, last week i bought a brand new PC, i7 processor, windows 7 ultimate 64 bits, and after so many years I'm giving a try to FSX; i finally finished installing all my hardware including my 2 FDS SYS boards, with all my I/O properly reinstalled (backed up) and on my first flight checking everything i had an strange situation: i noticed an FSX announcement that the SYS Boards where shut down and immediately start again, just like if i manually shut down the ITT program and then restarted again.

I have the boards connected to the usb ports on the back (usb 2, also usb 3 available but never tried to use) and i checked also the energy saving on windows and everything is off on the ports (usb power saving)

Any suggestions??



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Post by melnato »

Exactly which boards did the message say were shut down?
Do you have SYS-CAB/ELEC connected or Radios?
My guess is USB long are he cables?


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Post by tugo31 »

Hi, i have 1 SYS3X and 1 SYS4X, the cable on the SYS4 is 1.5 mts and the one of the SYS 3 is quite long, almost 3 mts

The message comes on both cards, is like when you close the ITT software when FSX is running and the green bar on top reads its shut off.

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Post by Jetcos »

Headed in the same direction as Nat. I think you will find that the 1 USB is too long.

USB Extender (uses a network cable) or another "powered Hub" to get you closer.

Note: in InterfaceIT you can turn that notice off in Options. FYI
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Post by Tomlin »

Yes- Always use a Powered USB hub.
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Post by pcos »

Brent/Tekworx comments:
"If one board goes out it will load all the boards again.  I would say that
the longer cable is too long for the USB spec and the board is dropping off
the system.  They could try to run the setup with that board disconnected
and see if it does the same thing.  If they are seeing this reload, that
means that the operating system has notified us that a board has either been
connected or disconnected."

Please confirm back on his suggestion. Peter
Peter Cos
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