PMDG Interface Module for MCP and CDU

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PMDG Interface Module for MCP and CDU

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This interface is used with the following:

B737 MX MCP using PMDG 737NGX
B777 MX MCP using PMDG 777X
B777 Pro-MX MCP using PMDG 777X
B737 Pro-MX CDU using PMDG 737NGX
B777 Pro-MX CDU using PMDG 777X

â—� Additional FDS B737/B777 Jetmax MCP support is in development and will be available in future version.

Here is a link to the installer. ... 20v1.0.exe

Please make sure you read and follow the manual. Additional information is located in the module in the different Tabs.

This interface only interfaces the MCP and CDU. No switches or LED's. Stand alone MCP and CDU's can be interfaced.
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