Question about using fuses.

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Question about using fuses.

Post by Mk882004 »

So I don't have IBL series panels for my overhead, my panels don't have backlighting in them (yet). So when wiring LEDs and switches to my FDS SYS board, are fuses required? Or will the external power supply ensure protection against any incorrect voltage?

Thanks guys for helping me, I'm definitely a rookie in this stuff, so I want to make sure I ask the questions for the things I don't 100% understand so I can begin to understand!

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Post by Jetcos »

There will be no "voltage" to the switches, they are Inputs. ON or OFF

The LED's are PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) and are very low power. No fuses required. Power comes from the power adapter. These are Outputs.

IBL power comes from a separate source (Usually 5 VDC) and can be connected to our IBL Dimmers and are fused.
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