Learning to wire a sim

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Learning to wire a sim

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Good afternoon guys,

I have really fallen in love with the work that the community here has done, and the awesome products that FDS has to offer. I am going to try my best to start my FDS build sometime next year with the NG MIP bundle, and as I save up over time add in the various components such as CDU, MCP, etc. I really would prefer to build my own kit instead of going the jetmax route because I want to expand more and more on it over time, and I want to have the potential to have a friend fly the sim with me in a dual crew environment.

When the time comes for me to start my build, I want to make sure I am as prepared as possible from a knowledge standpoint regarding all of the wiring that goes on in building a kit like this. I have practically no experience wiring/soldering. From looking at the pictures of the MIP Hardware kit, it looks like basically all of the potentiometers/switches will have to be soldered, and I know there are just a lot of wiring in general that comes into play when putting together a sim. Some of the build threads here do look quiet intimidating!

I would be very appreciative if some people would provide some advice on how I can best learn a lot about this stuff in advance. I would really appreciate any recommendations for specific electrical books or training sets that you think would help prepare me for this kind of build. I am very eager to learn, I just need to get pointed in the right direction. I know there are various soldering training sets out there, but would love recommendations for a particular one. I also need book references for principles on circuits, and the type of connections that a simulator like this would consist of. I know that there are also all types of terminal connectors, and situations where you may use some sort of crimping tool instead of soldering, but any recommendations in that field would be much appreciated too.

Thanks in advance for all of your help,

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I would highly recommend paying the extra $ to get FDS to provide the wiring loom for the MIP it will make life so much easier for you to start with. It will then be a matter of wiring by numbers, ie plug each connector in following the matching numbers.

As to learning to solder, I would recommend watching the many Youtube videos and also get a decent soldering iron.

There rest is not really that difficult, just take one connector at a time as you expand your setup. Again plenty of Youtube videos showing you how to wire pots etc as well as the FDS documentation.



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