Yolk and Rudder Pedals

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Yolk and Rudder Pedals

Post by FRANKY »

Hi All,

In the planning stage of a new Jetmax 737 and want to know if you had any thoughts on which Yolk and Rudder Pedals would be best for the Jetmax.

I have narrowed it down (I think) to Simujabs or Argonn.

Argonn looks like it is a bit better but much more expensive. I haven't found anyone in the US who seems to make these.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I can use all the help I get :shock:

Thanks !

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Post by MichaelYSSY »


First of all, in my 737 JetMax using a ACE Yoke and Rudder Pedals that I found from a guy in Australia (Local for me)
Very Happy with ACE Yoke, not so happy with Rudder Pedals.

One thing that you should consider is weather the Yoke Base will fit okay into the Rudder Pedals

There's a guy that's done a really good review comparing major Yokes available. Link below


Information may be a bit outdated but you'll get some good ideas

I think he has reviewed Rudder Pedals as well, have a look around on his web page.

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Marco Eckl 777
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Post by Marco Eckl 777 »


ACE is producing yoke for 737 as well as rudder pedals.
Also FDS is producing rudder pedals!

Ask those two for price offers.
FDS produces perfect quality as we all know and ACE gives you the
YOKE counterpart.

Hope that helps a little.
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Post by FRANKY »

Hi Michael, Marco,

Thanks very much for the info !

Really appreciate it.


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Post by FRANKY »

Hi Guys,

One more question... would you happen to know the dimensions of the Jetmax 737 where the rudder pedals go, can't seem to find the exact specs.

Thanks !

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Post by Banananav »

The footwell of the Jetmax 737 is 50 cm wide.
I got some MFG Crosswind rudder pedals for Christmas/Birthday. They are carbon fibre, mid price-range and very good. They are made to order so you have to wait a few weeks.
You need the "extension plates" as an extra, mount them facing in not out, and put the pedals on the inside to fit in the footwell.
Also, don't use their software - just set-up in Windows and calibrate, with the tiller, in FSUIPC.
Hope this helps.
Chris Finn

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Post by Fred »

Hi Frank

Something to consider perhaps....

I have a PFC Jetliner Column Yoke available (Saab version). I replaced the interface with a Leo Bodnar board so it is USB compatible with WIN 10....works better than new!

I have it priced at $700 which is half of the new price. It is a bulky item so I really do not want to get involved in shipping it, so you would have to pick it up. I am located in Williamsburg VA but travel to Washington DC often.

You do need to make sure the base is compatible with whatever rudder pedals you will be using of course.

Fred K

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Post by jackpilot »

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