Displaying frame rates P3Dv4

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Displaying frame rates P3Dv4

Post by gpratt »

Initially on installation I could toggle through the frame rate display (red text, top left hand corner of screen) using SHIFT+Z. Installed rudder pedals, joystick and throttles. Deleted all of the key assignments in the P3Dv4 settings. Now pressing SHIFT+Z does nothing. Have looked in the Prepard cfg file and the standard xml file all of the entries seem to be there for the key combination.

How do I assign this feature back again so that I can display the frame rates again?
I know the way to assign keys to actions in P3d in the settings screen but I can't seem to locate any description on the left hand side to assign a key to showing the frame rates again.

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Post by MichaelYSSY »

If you deleted all the key assignments in P3D then they are all gone.
You need to restore all standard key assignments.

In P3D you only need to disable (or delete) all joystick key and axis assignments.
(I figure you will be assigning them via FSUIPC)

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Post by PatSim »

If you go into P3D screen. Options/Controls/ Options-Key Assignments

Coordinates/frame rate (cycle)
Assignment can be Shit+Z or anything you want to press.

In C:/Users/Username/AppData/Roaming/Lockheed Martin/Prepar3D v4/Prepar3D.cfg

These [TextInfo.1,2,3,4] sections can be modified or deleted to have as many screen with as much info as you'd like. I only use FrameRate=1 and only one screen.

-------------------- From Poway Joe ------------------------------------------

How to Modify the Text Info Messages and Colors in P3Dv4
To change info color and background for easier reading:
Under C>Users>Name>AppData>Roaming>Lockheed Martin>Prepar3D v4
Open the Prepar3D.cfg file with Notepad++ and edit the following
About 12 lines down
InfoUpperLeftTextColorUser=255,255,255 (default is 255,0,0 red now it’s white)
About 2 lines down
InfoUpperLeftBAckGroundColor=0,0,0,128 (default is 0,0,0,0 no background now it’s 50% black)
Same for Lower left: (I use it for Pause and Parking Brake activated in P3D Options settings
InfoLowerLeftTextColorUser=255,255,255 (default is 255,0,0 red now it’s white)
InfoLowerLeftBAckGroundColor=0,0,0,128 (default is 0,0,0,0 no background now it’s 50% black)

Note: Text color 255,255,0 is Yellow 255,0,0 is Red and 255,255,255 is White
Backgrounds 0,0,0,0 is no background 0,0,0,128 is 50% black transparent
0,0,0,256 is total black transparency

To change the information in the text readout:
Under C>Users>Name>AppData>Roaming>Lockheed Martin>Prepar3D v4
Open the Cameras.cfg file with Notepad++ and edit the following

Default P3D TextInfo configurations enable 3 “Shift Z� screen toggles displaying 3 TextInfo screen one after another. I like to just have one screen with what I want displayed so I just delete TextInfo.2 and TextInfo.3 sections and modified TextInfo.1 This achieves 1 Text Info message with what and how I want it (in my case 2 rows with 1 item on each) using the colors from mod described above. If you want to add items to a row just add another line Airspeed=1,2 to place it in row 1 position 2 after WindDirectionAndSpeed in my case or AirSpeed=3,1 if you want it on a third row etc.…

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Post by gpratt »

Brilliant guys. Thank you. All working now :D

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