Ground friction - Great tool

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Ground friction - Great tool

Post by efpg0708 »

Hi guys. I've just came across this little tool which for me it's one of the greatest tools ever for FSX. It corrects the horrendous ground friction settings of FSX, so you can taxi on idle like in real life, and the aircraft doesn't skid on the runway anymoreas if it was made of soap . The aircraft is much more real on takeoff and landing rolls with this. There is a 20+ page discussion thread on avsim if you're interested: ... -friction/

To install:

You must have FSUIPC installed and registered.

Download this software: ... wideclient

Copy the file DynamicFriction.lua to your FSX/modules folder

Add the following line to your FSUIPC.ini file:

1=LUA DynamicFriction

That's it. I've tested and loved it. To taxi, add some thrust to bring the aircraft into motion and then idle ... just like the real 737.

One more note: this isn't one of those dark tweeks that you see all around the FSX forums. As you can see on the link I posted, it's recommended and tested by Peter Dawson himself.

Have fun


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Post by belisba »

Thank you. Any idea if this would be needed for P3D? Seems the AVSIM posts date back to 2012. Regardless, thanks for the post.

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Post by MichaelYSSY »


Thank you for the info

I tried it out in P3Dv3 and it works great, happy with results.

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Post by efpg0708 »

Works for P3D too !

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Post by jonahbird »

This works for me in P3D3, but my friend uses P3D4 and it doesn't work for him.

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Post by 787 George »


Same here, no changes noted with it installed on P3D V4

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Post by Winstonc »

I wonder why it doesn’t work in V4?

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Post by ABQ737EXP »

Is there another way fix this if the tool doesn't work for v4?


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