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I’m relatively new to this and trying to understand how this works. If I have a complete cockpit setup through FDS,say 737, as long as I’m using Sim-Avionics software it really doesn’t matter what kind of aircraft I load up in P3D because it’s only needed for the outside view and any add-ons that may be installed, correct?

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The flight model you need to use will be the Sim-Avionics B737. It is "tuned" to the autopilot and everything will work as expected.

Back in the day you could run whatever you wanted but everyone had a different set-up and different issues. Never easy to help with any issues if everyone had their own aircraft.

This applies to all other Avionics Suites out there. They all have their own "tuned" flight models.
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Lesson learned over the last 20 years: do not mix soft and hard from different sources.
Direct and proven compatibility are key to a finely tuned sim.
Will save you frustration, time and ultimately money.
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Jack's good advice that unfortunately most of us do not follow and problems accumulates :D

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