Looking for some Local Help Needed.

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Looking for some Local Help Needed.

Post by HowardChristian »

In Search of Local Assistance Needed. (Sydney, Northern Beaches).

My 737 build has been going on for many years but it really is very close to completion. Unfortunately for me is that I'm disabled & physically just about everything is a challenge.

Not only the physical but also I'm technically challenged as well, predominantly with getting Sim-Avionics, my Rev-SIM SIOC TQ & P3D operating.

Recently I had major computer issues & I've needed to reinstall almost everything.
Prior to this everything was operating, so it's really been the recent PC issues & rebuilds that has thrown everything off the rails & now I'm totally lost.
I have just updated Sim-A from v1.70 to v1.85

I pay a fortune in warehouse rent for my sim & everyday I don't have the sim flying is costing me so much in stress & anxiety.

I'm really hoping there might be someone local who is well attuned with Sim-A, FDS hardware & P3D that might be kind enough to offer me assistance in getting the final pieces of my puzzle operational.
I have little finances so unfortunately I wouldn't be in a position to offer very much cash for help.

But I really need the help, so please if there is someone kind & willing to lend me a hand i can be reached at hschristian@gmail.com or ph. 0417-747-322 for further information.

Kindest Regards
Howard C.

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