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XPlane 11 Latest

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Hi Everyone,

I've been under the weather a bit and needed a few days off. My wife won't let me play full time with the flight deck just yet, so I get a couple hours here and there in when I can.

So, this is what I have so far:

I decided to do a clean windows 7 pro install as well as Sim-A. Not sure what cured most of my overhead issues, but the OH is far better than what it was.

I'll get a video online just as soon as I can giving you an idea on my progress.

Issues I still have:

1. Exterior lights (Sim-A switch to XP11 command)

2. VNAV takes a few clicks before it takes on the MCP, I have to enter V speeds a few times and click VNAV before it takes.

3. APU (No cool down)

4. L/R toe brakes (work sometimes)

5. No EGT displayed

6. Bad oscillation at cruise

7. Speed tape missing flaps 25,30,40

8. Takeoff config warning (even though the aircraft is set for takeoff)

That's about it for now.

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