Going Live On Youtube

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Going Live On Youtube

Post by Michael_B767_ATP »

Hi Everyone,

I took my first steps in getting the flight deck setup to go live on Youtube.

I believe I'm all setup on youtube's end and I just picked up the elgato cam link 4K for my Sony A7II camera. I just have to build a computer to run Windows 10 and setup the software.

Should be interesting!


Post by Jblas320 »

Why do you want to go live? :-k


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Post by Michael_B767_ATP »


Something to do while flying, gives me an opportunity to chat about the setup, maybe answer a few questions. Who knows, I may even get some answers to some xplane/sim-a issues I'm having that I cannot correct on my own.

But, the main goal is to get and keep the next gen interested in flight simulation and to let them know the great hardware that's available to make their simming dreams come true.

When I was saving (took years) for my flight deck, videos kept me focused on the prize. I owe builders that came before me (that took the time to make videos) of their setups.... That's the main reason I didn't blow the cash on something I more than likely would of regretted.

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Post by pcos »

Great answer....
Peter Cos
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Post by FRANKY »

Hi Mike,

That is a great answer... I did same thing while I was waiting to buy as a matter of fact all those vids made me want to finally go through with my purchase ! Which of course I'm very happy with !

Will be watching.

All the best

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