Jetmax MultiComm Comm Issues

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Jetmax MultiComm Comm Issues

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I recently had the occasion to purchase a new P3D computer and after having Mark set it up to work with Sim-A software, , I noticed that I no longer have the Jetmax Multicomm radio functioning and it did previously.

The digits on start-up begin at 128.3 on both sides and when TFR'd the active will change to 128.250. Changing digits on the standby show in the standby window as dialed but when TFR it defaults to 128.3

Using a P3D default aircraft, digits can be changed on the 2D panel and show on the JetMax unit but if you TFR what you dialed on the 2D panel to active on the Jetmax Multicomm, goes to 128.3.

I looked at SYSboard assignments and the Multicomm is recognized (as O3EA0000084C). I have deleted and have it re-detected but no change.

Thinking that since it started acting up after new P3D computer, it must be a setting that I'm missing but yet do not see anything as a conflicting assignment. Only the P3D original key assignments are present for any of the radio functions.

Would appreciate any thoughts or guidance.

Thanks in advance.

Mark K

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