Ron Wiens Reports (LCD Displays)

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Ron Wiens Reports (LCD Displays)

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I have not tested this monitor for visual or even powered it up yet, however, I would say that physically, it's the best choice for the FDS CDU. The plastic frame is completely removable as is the right side controls board. The 5" size fits behind the opening in the CDU/MCDU exactly and should be easy to secure against it. The resolution is typicaly low on all of these TFT screens, however, as an economical solution, it's hard to beat and quite satisfactory until or if you decide on a CRT display later.

Mitch Morrell provided the link below. I believe he has it working on his King Air. It requires a simple power supply and a video-out video card on your pc. There is a tv software program available also which lets you resize and position. Maybe Mitch can provide the name. The price is right too - under $100. plus shipping! ... gory=32826

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