FS2004 Axis and FC1 Card

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FS2004 Axis and FC1 Card

Post by dbday »

Is anyone using the FDS FC1 card (not Phidgets) and running more than 4 axis off it in FS2004? From what I have been able to determine even though Windows supports 16 axis, FS2004 only seems to support four axis at least that is all I have been able to get the FC1 card to support. The axis seem to be X, Y, Slider and I can't remember the other.

FSX seems to support more than four axis but not FS2004. I know a Phidget card will handle it, my question is utilizing the FC1 card and in fact if FS2004 will support more than 4 axis.

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Post by melnato »

The FDS-FC1 will handle up to 8 axis..
this covers a huge amount of your sim...
Lever One
Lever Two
Sidestick Capt
Sidestick FO
Steering Tiller
This operates in the Windows domain and can also be used via other configurable setups.
We brought the FDS-FC1 out for this exact purpose.
Works like a charm and the card is "Smart"... If you connect 4 axis.. it knows and does not allow "phantom" signal to invade the active axis.. It only shows what you have connected..

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Post by dbday »

I am not questioning that the FC1 card has the capability of handling 8 axis. The FC1 card sould support 64 axis and it wouldn't matter if FS2004 only supports 4 axis.

My question was, does anyone have the FC1 card supporting more than 4 axis in FS2004 or alternatively can anyone confirm that FS2004 does directly support more than 4 axis (anotherwords not using Phidget cards)

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Post by vidarf »

FS2004 can handle more than 4 axes. I am using the CH yoke and pedals. The yoke has 5 axis, and the pedals has 3. That's a total of 8 axis.

Have you tried to set up your axis in FSUIPC?

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Post by bwr014 »

I can confirm you can see all 8 axes.

They only visible when you also connect 8 pots to them.. ( you will see then the different axes in your windows gamepath controle panel)

If a axes is not connected you also will not see it..


Frans M

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