Sean Moraghan TripleHead2Go - Three Projector Setup

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Sean Moraghan TripleHead2Go - Three Projector Setup

Post by pcos »

Sean sent in some overview shots showing his Visual System.
For the many folks that have been discussing the issue of visual setups this is an ideal thread to discuss.
Thank you to Sean for the pics.

Check out the pic from his latest move!! (last pic in this post)

Sean's Comments:
did a few tests last night.
Windows standard setup ( Zoom Factor 1.00 ) verses the Matrox TH2Go ( with zoom factor 0.30 ) .

The results were mixed as you can see in the pics.
Both have their advantages & disadvantages , I will leave that up to the individual to decide.
I was able to achieve a view using TH2Go with expanded desktop almost close to FS2004 with Stnd Forward left / Forward Centre / Forward right views

Note : Pics labelled Stnd are FS2004 with views Forward left / Forward Centre / Forward right , unlocking the side views & dragging them to the required screen.
Pics labelled Matrox are utilising the TH2Go expanded desktop

Flying in both modes I found that they had an identical effect on fooling the old brain into thinking you were moving .

I found that the Matrox setup used less resources & I was able to get a higher frame rate.
The only thing I didn't like about it , was at night the lights were blurred , maybe I am doing something wrong with the set up.
See pics Cockpit Night Matrox & Cockpit Night Stnd. , Finals Matrox & Finals Stnd.

Otherwise I was very pleased with the result.

The only other way I can see to get a perfect result is to go out & buy 2 more super computers with wideview to run the forward left / forward right views .
Unfortunately my budget doesn't expand that far as yet & I don't want to get in the bad books with the wife. LOL

Since I am satisfied in the mean time with the result I have achieved using the TH2Go , I will stick to this
& use money to finish the rest of the sim off.

I hope this helps all.

Any suggestions on how I can improve my visuals are most welcome.

Straight On Shot with TH2GO

Straight On Shot Standard

Left Side Shot with TH2GO

Left Side Shot Standard

Right Side Shot with TH2GO

Right Side Shot Standard

Sim Shots:






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Post by melnato »

Thats sensational Sean!

It must be nice to fly in your sim mate.

So how fooled, is the ol' brain?
Is it really as effective as we all hope?

Personally, I prefer the TH2GO version, the scenery is seemless across
the three panels. As far a lights go, have edited your FS9 config?
In their you can adjust the size of the strobes, VASI etc....

Thanks again,


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Post by lineman55 »

Your setup looks great! Nice job!

I am also interested in using that device only with 2 projectors for now.
Can I ask well would using 2 projectors work?
Would I have to setup 1 forward view and 1 forward/right of left view?

Kind regards
James :D

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Post by mauriceb »

Excellent demonstration Shawn!. Thanks for taking the time to show it.
One question: What projectors are you using in your setup (particularly, what resolution)?


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Post by SWeker »

Excellent work Sean! Really unbelievable. :shock:
Steve Wekarchuk

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Post by 747-400PILOT »

Hi Nat ,

Thanks for the tip on the lights , I will try this tonight.
Yep , I really love flying her now , it has got me into trouble a many a times with the wife. Before you know it you have spend 5 hrs flying.
It certainly fools the o'l brain into thinking you are moving.
I had a fellow simmer come over & fly while I sat in the FO seat. I ended up having to strap in as I felt as though I might fallout.
I can count 3 times when he was coming into Kaitak & I held onto something just prior to crashing .

Hi James ,

Using the TH2Go with only 2 projectors shouldn't be a problem. You could 1 use forward view and 1 forward/right of left view or use the native extended desktop that Matrox provides , all that will happen is one end will be missing until you introduce a 3rd projector.

Hi Maurice ,

I am using Epsom X3's. XVGA 1028 x 768 resolution .
I also couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting the quality I was hoping & the image was ghosting a bit.
Took a while but I figured out that my cable from the PC to the TH2Go unit was only a VGA cable .
This was solved by installing XVGA cables to the unit & projectors .

Thanks Guys , I still have a long way to go to get it just right. Have spent many hours moving , repositioning & aligning the projectors.
Will let you know the final out come


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Post by bwr014 »

Looking nice sean,

Just something i discover when i was testing it here.. not sure if you have that as well but when you have it like you with front left and right it all goes smooth when you fly forwards but ones you do a bank to left or right i noticed that the left and right screen didnt move complete in the same tempo as the front... bit of delay lets say and when you fly along coastline for instance you got a bit of a wierd view..

Of course this could be also something on my test setup

But as you said for the moment the best solution with 1 comp

If possible can you make maybe a picture of your projector setup to see?


Frans M

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Post by sbecker777 »

As a TH2GO owner myself, I can also say there is something weird about the way the TH2GO renders the runway lights. I have adjusted the runway lights scalar item in FS9.cfg to ridiculously low levels to no avail.


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Post by 747-400PILOT »

Gday Frans ,

I had noticed a slight lag in the graphics when running in Stnd mode with left & right views , a single super computer should fix this.

I did notice though that this lag was also due to how the scenery was set up.
EG. when flying around LAX the lag was present , but this was due to the addon scenery that I loaded.
When flying arround Kaitak in the same mode there was no lag , this is probably because I still have the stnd FS9 scenery for this area.

When running under the Matrox extended desktop lag was not present in both LAX and Kaitak.

I'll send you a pic of the projector set up asap.


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Post by melnato »


Thats strange about the lights scalar. The TH2G0 shouldn't affect the
graphics rendering, but I suppose if the image is so large then the lights
get blown up out of proportion.

So the FS9 scalar tweak has NO effect? Even if you try values like 0.1 or even 0.05?

@ Sean,

Can you please give me some dimensions of your screens and distances from sim and projectors? I've got a room planned;4m wide X 5.5m long and 2.7m high...I hope its enough.



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Post by jsheph »

Great setup Sean -

What are the specs of the PC you are using? What FPS were you getting in your tests in undocked vs Matrox views?

Thanks for your help.
John Shepherd

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Post by projectsim »

For runway lights, have you tried avsim? You can download enhanced (smaller & sharper) airport lighting.

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Post by 747-400PILOT »

Hi Nat ,

Thanks for the file on the scalars.
Approach & Runway lighting problem fixed.
I set them to 0.3 & this did the trick.

I will also look at the avsim site & try this.

Anyone out there have ongoing maintenace problems with their sim ?
I wanted to do some approaches last night with the new lighting , only to have my controll collum tension system fall to pieces , must of damaged it in the move.

Oh well it gives me something to do this weekend .
Has anyone seen which box I packed the welder into ? LOL

Thanks all


Peter Nielsen
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Post by Peter Nielsen »

I have the Tripple head as well, and I had to scale down the runway and taxi lights.

Its in a box now as the graphic card i have did not like it very much, hence this Question I am presently looking at a new Graphic Card and plan to continue using Fs2004 for some time more.

What do you experts suggest?

A Geforce 7950GTX x2
A Geforce 8800GTS


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Post by 747-400PILOT »

Hi Peter ,

I am using a GeForce 6600GT with 128MB DDR3 ram.
I found this works really well & have had no problems.

I have had a look at the specs on the cards you are wanting to get & they totally blow mine away in every aspect .
In saying that you shouldn't have any problems using anyone of those with the TH2GO.

I will be in the near future looking at installing something with more grunt & power behind it , might look at getting the 8800GTS myself , just so I can try & get FSX to run .


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