Jerry B's A300/320 Project

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Jerry B's A300/320 Project

Post by pcos »

Jerry from New York State sent in some update pictures of his A300 shell being moved indoors. Looks like a very serious project happening here....
Thanks Jerr!






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Jon Boe
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Post by Jon Boe »

Now that is what is called a "tight fit"!

Looks like a great project.


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Post by warvet »

Very Nice Jerry,
Good luck on your deck, lkooks like a great start.


Project 717273747
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Hi Jerry,

Great to see another A300 out there!! Your nose section looks in great shape.

I got mine last July out near Pittsburgh cut right where your deck is cut at but I don't have that extra portion of cockpit that you do. I'm opting for the A330 on mine but would love to keep it an A300 if only there was the software support to do so. So, most likely it will become an A330 since this is a widebody cockpit. Just need to reconfigure the side panels a bit, relocate the steering tillers, take out my control columns, install flight controllers, reconfig the TQ and modify the O/H a bit - Piece of cake!! :lol:

Best of luck and stay in touch with your progress.. Would love to exchange notes and ideas although I am working on my 747 nose right now.

Best Regards and Happy Building!!
Tom Waldon
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Thank You...

Post by JerryB »

:shock: Thank You all for the kind words and I will do my best keeping pic's coming... I am hoplessly over the edge about 4 years ago where I built a A320(out of wood) in my basement with Peters help and FDS Nova Series Panels. Now,............ Hehehehehehe.... The Sky is the limit... Thank you all again for the nice words.... I'm rite here just give a shout!!!


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