InterfaceIT/FDS-SYS3 Preview

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InterfaceIT/FDS-SYS3 Preview

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Interface Card


Highly Intuitive Interface System

• Powerful Software For Simplified Configuration
• "Import" Feature for super ease of use and Config Sharing
• Professional PC Board Design
• FS, PM Systems, Project Magenta, FSUIPC Ready
• 32 Switches
• 64 LED Outputs
• USB Plug and Play
• Shipping June 1, 2006
Price: $249.95US
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Preliminary Documentation Here

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For those of you that are eager to learn alittle bit more about the Internal workings of InterfaceIT, we are releasing the second draft of the FDS-SYS3 Manual.
We are VERY lucky to have some amazing builders working with us and their collective efforts will make a huge difference on how this Interface Product enters the arena.
A huge thank you to Jon Boe.. Jon is always open to any challenge and always gives a big "Yes" when asked to jump in.
Steve Wekarchuk is also spooling up and will be making a big contribution with regards to documentation and helping to get things started.
On behalf of Brent (TekWorx) and myself. Thank you!
To all of you who have sat by and waited for this product... I thank you. So many of you have been amazing in your patience.
We are all pretty excited about seeing this product appear.
We will start to discuss/show more as we can. Hopefully the Interface Discussion portion of this forum will end up as busy as this area!

One super feature to watch for on the FDS-SYS boards is the "IMPORT" function...
We have arranged for the ability to import items in to the setup.
Example: Builder struggles to get something functioning. Builder can contact other FDS-SYS user and have a small file emailed over. Builder simply goes into program mode on his SYS software and IMPORTS the file.. Function is alive..
Very intuititve.. Make ssupport even easier...
PC ... ual-V2.pdf

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Hi guys,

Where can one download the interface IT software for the sys 3 board.

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Check you email.


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Software Link

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A few posts up from this one.. There is a topic for downloading software guys..

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