newbie electronics basics search

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newbie electronics basics search

Post by Flytui »

Hello all,

I ma looking for some web page where i could learn about "inputs","outputs" ,"ground" etc...
I am afraid of purchasing interface card and not know what to with it. :shock:

I don't know anything about wiring,so i would like to learn.
So ,i think i should learn some elementery(is this enough?) basics of electronics before starting,huh? :idea:

I am also confused with voltage and leds,as i do not want to burn them.
Do you guys know a site where this is all explain?

Thank you.

Olivier Sinnaeve,Brussels,Belgium.

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Post by warvet »

Hope this helps you out, good luck, practice will make perfect and always use ohms law. ... 6,1,Wiring Techniques


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Post by Flytui »


Thanks a lot.I am going to study that.Ohm law...i heard of this a century ago!! :P


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Post by maytham »


I have here a good website for General Electronic educations.

It should help you with your project. I advice you to learn the basic of connecting an easy circuit such as LED in Parallel or Series.


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Post by Flytui »

Great site,thanks !! :D

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Post by ludwig »

Nice links. Thanks! :wink:
Luis Gordo
A320 Simulator Project


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Basic Electronics Books

Post by bluskydriver »

Hey Everyone,

I'm replying to a post that is a little old and is in the Interface section, but I feel that it's still a good topic to discuss and within the Interface area.

I have a copy of the "Getting Started in Electronics" by Forrest M Mims, III. He wrote it for the Radio Shack Company and it is Catalog Number 62-5003. However, Radio Shack no longer sells it.

Although, the good news is I called Radio Shack and they referred me to the following book site:

The book is still called "Getting Started in Electronics" Go to this direct link: ... 0945053282

The reason I'm suggesting this book so much, is the author wrote it in simple to understand English, and it is printed in his own "print" hand writting. In other words, it is not done with a computer or type-writter, and then copied. This makes it more understandable because he used stick-figure type diagrams and illustrations to make his points. It was written for young students, so even if you do not have any experience in electronics, you'll have no trouble understanding this book.

Finally, my suggestions are by no means a way to become knowledgeable about electronics easily; I'm just sharing a way to understand simple stuff in electronics. Also, I DO NOT SUGGEST that you do anything with your FDS electronic items without first consulting Peter Cos. Let me say that again, ALWAYS and I mean always ask Peter Cos first before you do something that you shouldn't. It is easier to ask for help, as opposed to, buying another G2 card because you hooked it up wrong, or it's easier to save money on do-it yourself led's by asking for help, rather then hearing them go "puff" over and over...

By the way, like I said I do have the book, so if there is something I could help with, send me a private message, and I'll do my best.

Good Luck,


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Post by bwr014 »


If you would download the docs of the interface sysboards at our site you could find all answers there. Lot of effort made in this to give you a step by step tutorial how to connect a switch and a led.

When follow this road not much can go wrong :)

Ones connected the interfacing is even more simple by just select the function you want it to do from the drop down list.

One of the advanced options the FDS sys cards have to get things comming alive with a simple mouseclick :)


Frans M

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Post by Flytui »

Thanks for those information.

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Post by fschulz18 »

Hello everybody.

I have some electronics basic questions too.

I don't really know which switch to buy for my generic GA Cockpit. I know what I want it to feel and look like but when it comes to the elec. specs I'm not sure. I'd like to use the FDS-SYS and FC1 boards.
I found a switch which has these specs:

Max. 3 A/250 V/AC, 6 A/125 V/AC, 4 A/30 V/DC, Min. 50 mA/10 V/DC

Can I use this switch with the SYS/FC1 ?
I think the SYS-Boards use 5 V/DC USB power. The SYS-FAQ says 20mA Output for a LED, 2.2-2.5 volts each output. I don't know if I mix things up here but what about the inputs? Are there requirement for the inputs (mins and max.)?
Some switches get really expensive because they are more capable ...but I don't think they need to be for the sys/fc1.


I am looking for a dual, concentric shaft rotary they are used to set the NAV/COM frequencies. I found one which is sold by Grayhill (62C Series)...but it would cost around 70 Dollar/Euro. This is way too much. Is there any cheaper supplier of these? I have found something that would work and looks nice ( ... ucts_id=57) but the knobs are a little small.

Thanks for your help!



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Post by melnato »

Hi Oliver,

That switch seems pretty heavy duty. The switches, rotaries, push buttons we normally
use with the SYS boards only need to send a signal to the board ie. on/off.
That switch should work though....

The voltage and current on the SYS boards is very low as you know,
because you only need to tell the SYS board what 'state' your switch is in,
not to power an external device....

IF however, you need to use that particular switch to power a solenoid/light for example, you MUST send that signal to a relay which in turn powers your external hardware...

Can't help with the second question....


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Post by vidarf »

Dual or triple encoders is not that hard to make. All you need is some gears, some small pipes and a rod, a few nuts and bolts and something to mount this on to. I have played around with this idea for some time, and as soon as I've done some tests I will tell you all about it. :)

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Post by fschulz18 »

#1: So there are no minimums for the switches? Thats nice. But there must be something like a datasheet for the SYS1 board...except from the FDS-interfaceIT-SYS-Manual-V2.pdf. I'll keep on searching the website.

#2: I could come up with a construction for the dual rotary using 2 single rotary encoder and connecting them to dual knobs with some sort of gear-wheels. But that seems to much work for just one encoder...and it might not have the lifetime it should have. And it uses a lot of space....

Anyway, thanks for your help!


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Post by vidarf »

FDS-SYS Board common questions.

Q) How many mA can I draw from each output?
A) Each output is designed to run a 20mA LED

Q) What is the output voltage for the board?
A) The FDS-SYS boards run completely off the 5v USB line. Each output is 2.2 – 2.5 volts.

Q) Does it matter if I run the FDS-SYS boards via a powered USB hub vs. running directly off the motherboard?
A) The FDS-SYS boards run fine off of powered USB hubs.

Q) Can the FDS-SYS boards run on a non-powered USB hub?
A) No the FDS-SYS boards are high power USB devices and require to be run off of a powered hub (vs. a non powered hub).

Q) Does total number of LED’s on a FDS-SYS board matter since it is running on the USB power?
A) The FDS-SYS boards LED’s are in a matrix, so there is only a limited number of LED’s on at any given time, which reduces the power requirements.

Q) Do I require any resistors for the LED’s on the FDS-SYS boards?
A) No resistors are required when connecting LED’s to the FDS-SYS boards; however it is possible to utilize resistors to reduce the brightness of specific LED’s.
So far, I haven't seen any switches that can't be used with the SYS boards. You can use any common miniature switch, as long as it can handle at least 6 volts (just to be sure) and 40 mAh.

There is NO point in overkill here - you can of course use mains rated switches, but why would you? :)

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Dual Concentric

Post by pcos »

If you look in our Pedestal Hardware Profiles you can find Dual Concentric Rotary Encoders.
Knobs available as well.
the Dual Concentric Encoders are PC Board mount types and that needs to be considered for mounting purposes.
Weuse these for Plug and Play product but can sell on their own.
SYS boards are not designed for Rotary Encoders to be directly connected. Outside the scope of the SYS boards and the role we designed them for.

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