Function for Window Heat Overheat and PWR Test

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Function for Window Heat Overheat and PWR Test

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Maybe I'm missing it, but I didn't see any assignment in the 737NG download for the Window Heat "overheat" and "PWR Test" switch. Can someone tell me if it listed and if so under what names? (One switch will require two inputs in this case I believe).



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Honestly can't remember if I programmed that. I'm in Vancouver this week, but will check when I'm home. Thx, Steve
Steve Wekarchuk

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Hi Chris,

If you are looking for the PMsystem ones i think you mean those below:

56E4 .0 WindowHeatSL
56E4 .1 WindowHeatFL
56E4 .2 WindowHeatFR
56E4 .3 WindowHeatSR

Offset : 56E4
type: Byte
Value: 0,1,2 or 3 depend on above status of switch function.

Not sure what PWR TEST will do in this.


Frans M

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Thanks for the reply, after some fiddling around I got it programmed. The variable for PM Systems is called HeatTest. (It is the center switch between the four window heat switches). Actually this worked out well going through the process of assigning functions and proved that the system is very intuitive. Now I have eight switches working... only a zillion more to go!


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Thank you!

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Thank you for taking a run at that on your own. Nice to see that the SYS Software is as we suggested Intuitive".
I am not an expert by any stretch but I do find that once I understand how to do one thing in this setup I can do many.

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