Angus Wighton's Project Overview

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Post by DaveA330 »

On Thurs eve myself, Maurice and Steve Cos made a visit to this fantastic sim.

Let me just say that this was a beautiful piece of work with instructor station and all. Little touches like headsets for all, sound effects mixed with wrap around visuals and professional pilot instruction made this a real experience.

We mainly hand flew without AP or AT and Angus showed us how to properly scan the instruments to maintain speed and altitude. The jet literally floated onto the runway although I must say Maurice and Steve did a better job than me. :oops:

Angus made up a flight plan and took us through all the procedures right down to communicating with ATC although the FO sometimes did not respond and the PF had to step in. :lol:

The Portland scenery was stunning which just added that much more to the flying experience.

Thanks Angus for this enjoyable evening

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Post by mauriceb »

DaveA330 wrote:On Thurs eve myself, Maurice and Steve Cos made a visit to this fantastic sim.
I have to second everything Dave said. This was a great evening and Angus demonstrated just how passionate he is for anything related to aviation. Angus' patience with us was simply amazing and I learned so much that it re-ignited my enthusiasm about my own sim.

Angus did not use the autopilot but watching him fly his sim, you could have sworn he was on autopilot based on the smoothness of all his manoeuvres and his rock steady landing approaches. This was truly an eye opener for me and I'm now going to try hand flying at every possible occasion.

Thank you so much Angus for an incredible experience and thank you Steve as well for arranging this great evening.


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Updated Pictures JUNE 05/09

Post by pcos »

Angus sent over some updated pictures of his setup.
Always a pleasure to connect with Angus and catch up.
We are working on quite a few new elements for Angus' set up and
I am sure we will be updating again soon.

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Post by N737AG »

Wow ... just awesome :!:

Great visuales, Angus. Enjoy your sim


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Post by Tomlin »

I have to admit, I've never liked having multiple screens used as visual system solely because of all the 'seams' created by the bezels. However, here we see a project that is in my opinion a very high level home project that makes excellent use of the multiple monitor approach, and I think it would be a joy to fly any day. Thank you for sharing your project with us!
Eric Tomlin
Learjet 45

Waycross, Ga (KAYS)

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