USB Issues with Sys Cards or MCDU / CDU keyboard Interface?

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USB Issues with Sys Cards or MCDU / CDU keyboard Interface?

Post by A320East »

Wondering if anyone is having any USB issues with devices in their Sim networks?

I'm seeing the following:
1) MCDU Keyboards locking up - works again after pulling and re-plugging USB connector.
2) Sys Card stops running, all LED's go dark and switches fail to respond - also starts to work again after pulling and re-plugging USB cable and selecting "refresh" in the software.
3) "Other" interface card does same....

This happens seemingly randomly. Sometimes so often in a session that it renders the sim useless, other times things will run for hours without a glitch. Have both interface cards on a 3 amp powered hub, have USB power management turned off in XP USB settings. Computers are tweaked and running perfectly otherwise. Have even broken up interface cards to separate computers with the same results.

There are no errors generated anywhere to follow toward a cause or solution to this. I do see posts for the "other" interface card on another forum with similar complaints so I know I'm not the only one experiencing this type of problem.

I don't believe this is a specific hardware problem but rather something related to the USB root hub drivers / networking issue.

I've googled and searched - got some good tips and tried them all without joy. Talked to PC and he suggested I post...

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