Window Overheat and power test

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Ivar Hestnes
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Window Overheat and power test

Post by Ivar Hestnes »

I got an small issue after wiring the Window heat switches without wiring the ovht/pwr test switch. Didnt wire that at first because there was no xml to download.

What happened was as follows:

With BATT off (cold and dark), the overheat annuns flashed in a very interesting pattern. And with BATT on, the overheat annuns were stable lighted. And they should not be lighted at all.

Checked with Thomas Richters 737 diagnose program, and found that the state of the PWR/OVHT test switch was "OVHT TEST" and not "CENTER" as it should have been. (without any switch wired).

I made XML for this called "OVHT TEST" and "PWR TEST". PC will put them on the server.

The switch should be MOM-OFF-MOM

And please post if you guys have better XML or other improvements :)

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Post by brissydave »

i get this too

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