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For many of our customers that have been around since the early days of "Building" there are a few names that are etched well into our minds and likely played a very big role in the motivation to push forward. Alongside names like: Kevin Saker, James Price, Michael Lehkamp, Matthew Sheils, Peter Dickenmann, Matt Ford is one of the big influences to so many.

Matt is renowned for his work alongside James Price as two of the earliest builders who focused their projects on real parts and did everything possible to stay on that path. For most this is not a reality with limitations of space, budget and time. For Matt and James it was a pursuit that was always pushing things to the next highest level and with nobody in front paving the road. True Pioneers.

On a personal note, I marvelled at these projects and they truly were a big motivator for myself when I decided to enter this whole challenge. I remember doing a great deal of graphic work back then and one of the ways I connected with many of these builders was doing up banners for their webpages. Many still stand today. Always an honor to see that.

Matt approached us about his MIP section and we made a set of IBL Series Panels for him. His reaction was very important to us as you can imagine. The "real parts only" guy" was auditioning FDS for his project! Well, we were really proud to hear that the IBL panels made the grade and were installed. A few months later the overhead topic came up and we delivered a set of IBL series Overhead panels. Attached are some pictures showing Matt's work with the IBL panels and backers being used with all real Boeing 737 parts. Matt, many thanks for your kind words and support, thank you for the fantastic pictures and your willingness for us to share them with our customers. Always here for you. PC

Matt's original webpage (not updated for quite awhile!)*crazypooch. ...




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Always love seeing Matt's work. Thanks PC for sharing these pics with us.


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Yep, they look real nice. Thx
Luis Gordo
A320 Simulator Project


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