Flight Sim Academy (Seoul, Korea)_ A320 FBT Video

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Flight Sim Academy (Seoul, Korea)_ A320 FBT Video

Post by pcos »

Sung-Hyuk Koh from the Flight Sim Academy in Seoul, Korea sent over a video of his A320 FBT in action.
Sung-Hyuk is a former Airline Pilot that has embarked on a path that sees his new facility catering to enthusiasts and professionals. We will do a nice overview of his facility as we look towards refreshing our webpage and creating a template that can properly present his excellent work.
BTW: The FBT on linked on our Banner is this exact FBT!
Thank you Sung-Hyuk!!!!
(Please watch your volume on this as there was music added!)

http://www.fileden.com/files/2006/8/4/1 ... g_0001.wmv
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Post by Karl »

Great seamless visuals, the “High Chaparral” I remember that 70’s cowboy TV series, Yee Ha! Ride em cowboy. Fantastic job, could be a $$$$$$ sim.
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Post by Ivar Hestnes »

yes yes yes :shock:

Thats the dream we are chasing. To be able to fly our sims with that kind of visuals and immersion. Thanks for sharing this :)

Can we ask for a visual tutorial on this setup :wink:

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Post by BRENTO33 »

something for me to look forward too oneday :shock:

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Post by brissydave »

how long is that runway?

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Post by melnato »

Hot looking visuals! =D>

Any details on the setup/blending/warping PC?


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