software!!! AST or PM ???

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software!!! AST or PM ???

Post by henrikthgdk »


starting to look into this world and would like to hear what people have to say about AST and ProjectMagenta. Pro and cons !!!!

what do you use and why?


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I own both package PM for 737 and AST for 320, all i can say from my experience is to wait.

PM for 737 is at a good point and usable but i heard for the 320 there are a lot of things to do.However they have demo and you can try yourself.

AST for the 320 is more advanced but the MCDU is far from complete,they are progressing very well and they are specific type 320.

Actually you can try also VasFMC and the Airsimmer is about to release we think (don't know when) their 320 that they told in the public forum there will be a version for cockpit builders also...

Just my 2 cents....

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