FDS-SYS cards - beginner's questions

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FDS-SYS cards - beginner's questions

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I am thinking about build of home cockpit L-39 Albatros. A few hours I spent study manuals for FDS-SYS cards, I read many topics on this forum...
I tryed to found some tutorial for beginners, but I founded nothing - only a few messages, that all is very simply and easy...

Can somebody explain to me a few basic questions?

1/ What is necessary for connection of Flight Simulator and cockpit for usual function (install switch for inform FS that some function is switch-on, or - make light LED if any indicator on tableau in FS is light)? Is enough only some FDS-SYS card - or I need some other HW (FSUIPC,...?) between FS and cockpit?

2/ How is possible make connection in cases, when some functions in FS are switch on using mouse click? If I use in my cockpit some switch, how FS know, what this switch control?

3/ Is possible set some time delay for LED indication after switch-on controller in cockpit? For example gear down/up motion need 10 sec. - green LED must light 10 sec. after switch-on to down position.

4/ LED is possible set as blinking. Each LED is blinking absolutely separately? Blinking cycle is starting for each LED after switch-on, or - if on cockpit are installed more blinking lights and all are blinking together (in this some time is for all lights dark, in this some time is light)?

5/ Is all (I/O card functions) this same for FS2004 and for FSX too?



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