FDS-SYS cards with sims other than MSFS

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FDS-SYS cards with sims other than MSFS

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Hi all,

I cannot find the answer to this and have not seen anyone doing this, but I am wondering if the SYS boards can be used with sims that don't use FSUIPC. I am working on an A-10 pit and have been looking at all the interfacing solutions and some seem more complex than I want.

The InterfaceIT features and software give me the impression that even someone like me, with very little electronics or programming experience, could use them. The cost is a little more than I budgeted, but as someone pointed out to me, having an interface that is easier to configure would save time and justify the extra expense. So, I am willing to save up and invest a little more than planned, I just can't determine if the cards would work with the DCS A-10C sim.

Can anyone elighten me? :)


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