Internal Variable- Options?

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Internal Variable- Options?

Post by Tomlin »

Can anyone say what the options when using Internal Variables do (other than On, Off, etc.)?

Specifically, I believe there are Greater than, Less than, equal, etc.

Can we somehow use these options to make the results Conditional? In other words, I'd like to be able to turn ON a function by pressing a switch which would in turn, cause an LED to light up (super simple). BUT, I'd like to have that LED turn OFF without turning off that switch (it's momentary) when another action occurs. Since this may not make immediate sense, here's a great example:

Turn ON the Nose Steering switch, the LED for that indicator turns ON. Once airborne and the gear are selected UP, the Nose Steer system turns off automaticall and when the gear are selected down, it automatically comes back on. However, you can also disconnect it via the yoke or the very same Nose Steer switch.

Am I making it complicated, or could we in theory have the momentary switch turn the system on, indicator comes on, and then have the landing gear switch turn the system OFF when up and ON when it's put in the down position and then turn off again when pressing the switch itself?

Just some thoughts- the InterfaceIT software is very powerful when you can learn its tricks but I'd really like to know from someone knowledgeable about what these special options are.
Eric Tomlin
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