Keystroke to a PM Window

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Keystroke to a PM Window

Post by jf »

I have tried to send a keystroke to a PFD Engine window to cycle through additional information in the Engine page ( EICAS ). The PM window is located in another computer in the network and not where InterfaceIt is running.
I do not get any window to chose from to assign the keystroke once it has been recorded. The computers are properly networked, and FSUPIC is working . I have a full cockpit working
What am I doing wrong?.

Jon Boe
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Post by Jon Boe »

Sorry, interfaceIT and the SYS card have to be on the same computer that you are trying to assign the keystroke to.

In looking through the V5 documentation I see that I forgot to mention that fact. It's the same with trying to activate another program.. they all have to be collocated on the same PC.


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Post by neuman5022 »

Thanks Jon. This solves my question in another topic.



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