FDS MCP G2 and CPFlight radio modules

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FDS MCP G2 and CPFlight radio modules

Post by EDDM »

I have the FDS MCP G2 and CPFlight radio modules, both connected to PM MCP. The FDS MCP G2 is COM 6 and CPFlight radios are COM 9. When I set both to mcp.ini only the FDS MCP G2 is running. CPFlight radios are only running when FDS MCP G2 is set to "0". What is wrong? What can I do?

Thanks for any support!


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It may be worth talking to CP Flight on that actually as the G2 was made by them. Worth checking.
I am not sure I have experienced what you are saying. My bet is they will have some advice for you.
Please email me to let me know how you fare.
Peter Cos
Flightdeck Solutions (FDS)

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