Engine start XMLs question (resolved)

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Engine start XMLs question (resolved)

Post by neuman5022 »

Hello Folks,

Checking my OVHD again, I discoverd an issue I cannot solve myself.

PMSystems has 4 values for the ManEngStart buttons:


I have a rotary switch to each engine start, with 4 wires connected, and one ground.

Checking the connections off-line (PM not running) - I see all 4 positions OK.

When running PM, I can see the switch on PMSystems go to Grnd, OFF and CONT OK, however when setting the rotary into FLT, the switch in PMSystems goes to OFF position.

Checked the XMLs on IIT, and have noticed that the ON position of the Grnd and CONT values are 0 and 2, and the off position is 1. Which is logical with the switch position.

However, on the FLT one it has value 3 at the "on" position and again 1 for the off position :?:

Tried to change the off position to value 2 so the switch can go back from FLT to Cont, but this is always going back to OFF position.

What am I doing wrong here ?

Many thanks


EDIT: Deleted the second row of the XMLs that had an up/off function, and left only one line for the correct value. Seems like it is working now, however I will report if it doesn't.

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